3 Year Capital Campaign Goal: $4 Million
Retreat4Kids wall come crumbling down


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Retreat4Kids was established to fill a gap and provide a home, family atmosphere, and trauma center to heal from sexual abuse and exploitation for girls. Started in September of 2021, we are now serving 12 girls and providing the love and care each need.
"Without the love of the people here around me, I would have never been empowered to be anything more than the child my parents couldn’t raise."
— 16 year old at The Retreat 4 Kids
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The Need

Retreat girls outside on hill
In the short time since we opened, we already have a waiting list of young girls that desire hope and healing. Without a place to call home, many of these young girls will go back to a lifestyle that is dark. Some will not make it out at all.

Our Solution

Are plans for a larger retreat home for more girls
Retreat4Kids feels called to increase our ability to serve these girls in need and tear up our waiting list. Our dream of increased capacity will require both property and people.

God has provided a new property and buildings as only He can. And we have been able to move in by faith through the generosity of one couple. They stepped up and paid for this new property with the arrangement that our nonprofit ministry will pay them back through this special 4EverFree Capital Campaign. Property improvements will need to be made as funding comes in.

We must also hire additional staff (case managers, nurses, counselors and executives) in order to handle and excel at the increased workload serving more young girls will bring.

Both are important to our success. Together, we can tear up our waiting list.
Tearing up the Waiting List
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Capital Campaign Goal

We are looking for God to provide $4 million over three years to be able to tear up the waiting list and add 60 girls that need the care and expertise we will provide. We already have received foundational gifts and matching funds to double the impact of your giving.

is god calling you?

We believe God has already raised the needed funds and we are simply on a journey to discover who He has chosen. There are many ways you can partner with us.
  • You can host an intimate dinner party in your home and invite 6-8 couples to hear our story and vision. Please ask us for details.
  • You can send us names and the contact info for those you feel would be encouraged to hear more about our work. We know what we need is people and relationships to succeed.
  • You can partner with us to support one of our upcoming campaign events
  • You can provide your most generous gift and partner with us to help us reach our goal.
  • You can act by using your God given skills and talents.

You can give

Prayerfully consider a one-time gift or a three-year pledge to help us reach our goal. Thank you in advance for your partnership. Together we can change the lives of countless young girls!

NOTE: Once you submit your form, we will reach out to provide next steps depending on your response. You are appreciated greatly!

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